The Professional Staff is here to make this a great season for you.

Each golfer has varied traits that influence the development of their game.
Our teaching academy will support the development of all aspects of your game, focusing on your individual learning needs, leading to better performance and, a greater enjoyment of the game.

Our goal, simply put, is to help you be the best version of you in golf. Understanding you, the player, is the key to achieving this.

Our teaching professional will work with you to provide a unique plan, and he will be looking to:

Create autonomy through a strong understanding of what makes you play your best, providing the support and tools needed to be the best version of you, and building awareness of what can move you away from your best.
Develop and influence predictability of where the ball goes and how it gets there.
Construct strategies for managing yourself on the course, encouraging a process and routine that supports optimal performance under a variety of playing conditions.
Help you understand your tendencies, managing shot and target selection to improve scoring.
Ensure your equipment contributes to you performing your best.

The professional staff are here to provide you with the best possible learning experiences.

If you are unsure of which program would be the best fit for you, please reach out and our instructor would be happy to assist in finding the best fit for you. If you are looking for a hybrid program, our staff can help facilitate that through an initial consultation to uncover the best process to follow.

Our 2023 Teaching and Coaching Programs are broken into five areas:

Lessons: Hourly sessions at the driving range or on course playing lessons are booked as needed.

Coaching: Seasonal programs are for groups or individuals built around short-term and long-term goals and developing a plan to execute on specified goals.

Workshops: Clinics or schools with specific areas of focus by our lead instructor.

Junior Programs: Clinics or schools with specific areas of focus and guest professional clinics.

Health and Fitness: Preventative or performance-oriented work, improving movement, strength and mobility or rehabilitation to help overcome injuries.


Dan Cormier – PGA of Canada
CPGA Professional
SuperSpeed Golf™ Certified Instructor

Contact: Dan Cormier lessons@golftowerranch.com


A native of Kelowna, BC, Dan Cormier is one of the Okanagan’s most outstanding golf professionals. Playing collegiately, Dan received a business management degree from the University of Guelph. Helping people play better golf is what he is passionate about and is as invested in his student’s golf game as they are. Coaching since 2015, Dan is a fully qualified CPGA Professional, and a key contributor to the growth and success of the Tower Ranch Golf Academy.

Dan is an outstanding player and has posted many strong junior, amateur, and professional results.
His stellar resume as a golfer and passion for teaching the game led him to one of Canada’s most sought-after golf destinations, where he helps players of all skills levels reach their potential through private and group lessons. Dan believes there is no ‘one best way’ when it comes to the golf swing, especially with some student’s physical limitations. There are, however, uncanny similarities that all good ball strikers have coming through the hitting zone. He is known for his ability to break down complex swing mechanics or short game concepts into simple and easy-to-understand instructions or drills.

When Dan is not coaching, you’ll probably find him traveling, on the lake, or enjoying a hike with his wife and dog, Sydney.

One-hour Individual Lessons

Individual coaching programs are designed with a seasonal plan, anchored around the short-term and long-term goals for your game. it’s an organized approach to development built on a mutual commitment to the process from player and coach. They include practice plans and will be catered to the needs of each player. Progress, practice plans, session recaps and video analysis will be tracked with the student.

Single Lesson – $100.00
Series of 3 – $285.00
Series of 5 – $450.00
Series of 12 – $900.00

On Course Playing Lessons

Playing lessons, a wonderful way to develop skill and execution on the golf course, improving course management or your performance process. Below are some of our student’s favourite lesson:

Tips for how to hit the ball far simply by focusing on targets and where you make contact.
Getting yourself out of a funk in the middle of a round – from swing changes to positive thinking.
Course management, everything a golfer needs to consider when planning out the best shot shapes.
Putting starts with visualization: learn how to properly gauge speed on Tower Ranch’s undulating greens to putt more effectively and lower your scores.
Learn how to play shots from behind trees, uneven lies, and over hazards to limit the ‘big number’ and keep the momentum of your round going strong.

4 Hole Playing Lesson – $150.00
9 Hole Playing Lesson – $200.00
18 Hole Playing Lesson – $275.00

Seasonal Coaching Program

Full season coaching covers every aspect of the game. From full-swing, short game, & on course

Pre-Season Assessment: an assessment of the golfer’s current abilities, including swing analysis and playing ability.
Practice Plan: A personalized practice plan, based on the results of the pre-season assessment, to help the student achieve their goals for the year.
Range Instruction: Regular range instruction to work on specific aspects of the golf swing and short game techniques.
On-Course Play: On-course play to put into practice what has been learned during range sessions.
Video Analysis: Regular video analysis of the golfer’s swing to help identify areas for improvement.
Mental Training: Instruction on mental techniques to help the golfer stay focused and confident on the course.
Tournament Preparation: Preparation for tournaments, including practice and course management strategy sessions.
Post-Season Review: A review of the golfer’s progress over the season, including a discussion of goals for the next season.
25 hours of Private Coaching

The length and frequency of the program, as well as the specific activities, may vary based on the goals and objective of the golfer and the time of year. A seasonal golf coaching program may last several months and can include multiple sessions each week.

Full Season Program – $2,000.00

*Limited space available – contact our Professional directly to book*