Tuesday, May 30th  

Poa seedheads are reaching the end of their cycle and temperatures are beginning to increase so expect to see green speeds increase and ball roll to improve. The maintenance team will focus on getting more seed into the ground in sparse areas of fairways and in the areas where tree stumps were removed last week. The cool and moist overnight conditions will help seed germination and establishment. Please keep your carts in the rough and out of these areas so they can heal and improve the overall playing condition of the golf course.


Greens Today

  • Cut - Yes
  • Planetair - June 5th
  • Roll - Yes
  • Speed - 9'5"


  • Green receptacles on holes 1, 5, 8, 10, 12 and 15 contain divot mix with seed to refill bottles during your round. Please help us improve conditions by seeding tees, fairways, and primary rough during your round. If we find that it has a negative affect on the pace of play, or that divot mix isn't being used within its 24 hour shelf life, we'll remove them. Use them or lose them.
  • Left of the fence on Hole 6 is considered ground under repair. You may walk in to the area to retrieve your golf ball through provided openings in the fence. Nearest point of relief no nearer the hole without penalty, back on the fairway side of the fence
  • Cart traffic is limited to paths only on holes 2 & 13, with the exception of cart owners with a medical exemption and clearly identified blue flag on their cart
  • Please repair your ball mark, plus one other, on every green. The extra effort put in by everyone leads to better conditions.


Greg Austin, Golf Course Superintendent