Friday, July 23rd 

Greens Today:

  • Cut - Yes
  • Roll - No
  • Speed - 9'
  • Hole location "E"
  • Due to the extreme fire risk, there is no smoking permitted on the property.

    A friendly reminder to please follow all Covid protocols. Maintain social distance, wash hands, and sanitize.


  • All greens were vented with a Planetair on Tuesday, July 13th. Venting assists in getting water into the turf root zone effectively and allows for optimal gas exchange between the soil and the atmosphere. Water and oxygen are critical for plant health, especially during periods of heat stress
  • White lines have been painted to restrict cart traffic around greens. Please do not cross white lines. Par 3's are cart path only. Holes 2 and 13 are cart path only
  • The greenside bunker on hole 13 will remain grass for the season and players have the option to play as it lies or take a drop outside the bunker to the nearest point of relief no nearer the hole


    Greg Austin, Golf Course Superintendent