Sunday, August 7th 

150 stakes are now in all Par 4 and Par 5 fairways, and the coloured red, white, or blue cap on each solid white stake is there to assist golfers to better identify the flag colour on the green.

Red cap/flag = front hole location  

White cap/flag = middle hole location  

Blue cap/flag = back hole location 

We're now well into the summer heat so we're irrigating more frequently which can lead to softer playing surfaces. Please make every effort possible to repair ball marks on greens and replace divots everywhere else.  

The new greens have matured and are withstanding daily play extremely well. Please remember to repair ball marks, particularly on #8 and #13 where greater lofted clubs send shots higher into the green, causing more damage. Fix a ball mark, whether it's yours, or not. Thank you.

Greens Today

  • Cut - No
  • Roll - Yes
  • Speed - 10' 6"
  • Notes:

    • Cart traffic is limited to paths only on holes 2 & 13, with the exception of cart owners with a medical exemption and clearly identified flag on their cart.
    • Please keep out of environmentally sensitive areas defined by long, unmowed, grass and native plants. You may walk into these areas to retrieve a ball, but please do your part to minimize disturbance by keeping carts to rough or paths.


    Greg Austin, Golf Course Superintendent