October 29th - CLOSED TO ALL  

The golf course is now closed. Grass growth has slowed due to lower temperatures and less sunlight, and there is little, if any at all, recovery from cart and foot traffic, so it is critically important that we all keep off of the golf course at this time of year. All on-course restroom facilities are closed, and it's important for all community members to allow staff to complete work on the course that can't be completed during the playing season, such as restricted product spray applications and tree falling and trimming. For the safety of all staff, it is important that they perform tasks uninterrupted and without distraction, and with the utmost respect, please keep off of the golf course property by walking your dogs at the dog parks nearby or by taking your daily walks on public property at public parks. By keeping off of the golf course property during the off-season we are all contributing to the care of our golf course and it will show by better course conditions for our members and guests next spring.


Greens Today

  • Planetair - Sept 11th
  • Aeration - Sept 25th
  • Cut - NA
  • Roll - NA
  • Speed -NA


  • All signage, benches, green bins, and garbage receptacles have been removed from the golf course
  • Please respect the golf course as a private property with restricted access when closed

Thanks for supporting us, and for a very successful 2023 season!

Greg Austin, Golf Course Superintendent

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