Friday, June 24th 

Please be careful along Scotty Creek. Water levels are high and the current is strong. Creek banks can erode and trees can become unstable. Enjoy your round but exercise extreme caution along the creek.  

Greens received a Planetair application this week. This will help the putting surfaces from sealing off, which can occur under wet conditions when frequent mower, roller, and foot traffic inputs contribute to surface compaction. The Planetair alleviates compaction by slicing through the mat and upper soil layer, allowing oxygen, water and nutrients to better penetrate the putting green surface. Today, expect greens to be receptive and roll at medium speed. The unexpected early morning showers will cause greens to roll slightly slower, by about 5 inches, today.  

The new greens are holding up well to traffic. Bentgrass roots have declined from 8 inches on opening day, to 4 inches on June 1st, and to 3 inches on June 18th. It's not unexpected or unusual for this to occur on new or on long established greens going into summer, so we'll continue to monitor the health of them and will continue to maintain the temporary greens so that we have the option to move on and off the new greens if they ever need a recovery break. The weather plays a large part. Let's hope for sun and heat to stimulate growth and recovery.

Greens Today

  • Cut - Yes
  • Roll - No
  • Speed - 9' 1"
  • Notes:

    • Cart traffic is limited to paths only on holes 2 & 13, with the exception of cart owners with a medical exemption and clearly identified flag on their cart.
    • Please keep out of environmentally sensitive areas defined by long, unmowed, grass and native plants. You may walk into these areas to retrieve a ball, but please do your part to minimize disturbance by keeping carts to rough or paths.


    Greg Austin, Golf Course Superintendent