It's a beautiful day for golf out there today. A friendly reminder to replace your fairway divots and repair a ballmark on every green played. If we all repair our own ballmark plus one other our putting surfaces will remain true. Remember, as the days grow longer our golf rounds increase and so does the traffic on the golf course so let's all do our part. There is now a continuous path down the left hand side of the 13th hole. Please yield to equipment working in the area to finish up and follow directional ropes and stakes. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


All washrooms on the course are now open. Please follow all Covid protocols when frequenting our facilities. Maintain social distance, wash your hands, sanitize.

Greens Today:

  • Cut - Yes
  • Roll - No
  • Speed - 10

Course Set-up: Location "A"


  • All bunkers are under construction and are ground under repair. Please take relief at nearest point no nearer the hole with no penalty
  • Green paint on the course has no rules implications. It's there strictly as direction for maintenance staff during the spring training period
  • 2 and 13 fairways are roped off as cart path only for all traffic. On hole 2, medically cleared carts may access the fairway from the old cart path on the right side of the fairway near one green and progress forward from there. On hole 13, all carts should travel behind ropes in the left hand side rough


Greg Austin, Golf Course Superintendent