Thursday, September 21st  

Acorn developments is performing excavation work left of the hazard on 6 over the next couple of days. The work being done is not on golf course property and is not a golf course project, but it is an active construction zone, so please avoid the area the work is being conducted in.


Greens Today

  • PLANETAIR - All greens on Sept 11th
  • Cut - Yes
  • Roll - No
  • Speed - 10' 1"


  • Green receptacles on holes 1, 3, 8, 10, 12, and 15 contain divot mix with seed to refill bottles during your round. Please help us improve conditions by seeding tees, fairways, and primary rough during your round.
  • The new left rough on Hole 6 is now marked lateral hazard.
  • Cart traffic is limited to paths only on holes 2 & 13, with the exception of cart owners with a medical exemption and clearly identified blue flag on their cart
  • Please repair your ball mark, plus one other, on every green. The extra effort put in by everyone leads to better conditions.


Greg Austin, Golf Course Superintendent