Thursday, July 11th -   

With the extreme heat, irrigation will run throughout the day. Along the same theme, there have been reports of insects on some greens. Saturated soils conduct greater heat which can cause the emergence of insects from beneath the turf. We saw this on 7 green (on Monday) with pill bugs, and it's completely natural. We apologize in advance for this inconvenience.


Greens Today

  • Mow - Yes
  • Roll - No
  • Speed - 10' 0" (6:00)


  • All naturalized areas of the golf course are considered lateral hazards. Cart access to these areas is restricted.
  • All paths that were previously roped off to restrict carts from fairways are now open. For those in carts with blue flags for medical exemptions, please do your best to scatter your traffic patterns from day to day so you're not continually wearing out the same area with your wheels, especially around greens and tees. No golf cart should ever drive between a green and a bunker, for example, left of 2 green or left of 12 green. If wear becomes excessive, ropes and stakes will be put back in place to restrict all traffic. Please do your part to help us improve the course conditions.

Lastly, here are a few small things that every member could do that have a big impact on course conditions. Keep all four wheels on the cart path, especially when parking at tees and greens. Repair a couple of ball marks per green. Replace a few divots per fairway. Remind your playing partners and guests to do the same.

Greg Austin, Golf Course Superintendent

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