UPDATED:  March 23rd 2020 

It is with sadness that we have come to the decision to postpone the opening date of our golf course this season. While the weather and the greens are looking promising, based on BC Golf Association recommendations in conjunction with Interior Health, many of the golf courses here in the Okanagan have decided to enact on the socially responsible resolution and close/remain closed at this time. We will be postponing our opening for a minimum of two weeks from now or until we receive any further updates from governing regulatory bodies on changes to the COVID-19 Situation.

Please know that this decision was not made lightly, but we remain optimistic in this time that the 2020 season will begin at a later date. The decision is derived from our concern to the health, wellbeing and security of the Members and Staff that trust in us as their golf operations. We are constantly listening to updates from regulatory bodies regarding the pandemic. While information can change daily, we appreciate your patience and understanding as your wellbeing and security is pivotal to us. We understand these changes can be confusing and aren’t always ideal, but we thank you for your continued support that is allowing us to patiently wait-out this hurdle in our opening. 

While COVID-19 brings great uncertainty, it also brings families a little bit closer, reminds us that we’re all human and connects us together through the excitement that the golf season will return as soon as it is safe to do so. Sunset Ranch was your golf course last year, and we plan on remaining your golf course from here on out. We’re not going anywhere and this is just a temporary plan; because in such an amazing local community like the Okanagan Valley, we care about the wellbeing of our community above all else.  

 Thank you for your continued support through these times, stay healthy and we’ll see you soon,

The Team at Sunset Ranch 


Members & Guests of Sunset Ranch Golf & Country Club,

Following closely with Federal and Provincial health recommendations, Sunset Ranch is proactively taking steps to do everything possible to promote a sanitary, sterile environment for you and your golf related operations. As leaders in the community, we take social responsibility very seriously and consequently, we are pushing back the tentative opening date of the Clubhouse Restaurant into early April to match the course opening date. We want to emphasize the importance of meticulously adhering to public health recommendations with our sole priority being the wellbeing of all that put their trust in us as their golf operation this 2020 season.


Staff Measures:


Know with confidence that our Staff at Sunset Ranch has been made aware of necessary sanitization procedures that we will implement immediately in our restaurant and around the course on both a daily and hourly basis. Our Staff has been educated and will collectively work together to rigorously sterilize any surfaces you may come in contact with. We have informed all of our Staff if they are feeling unwell at all to refrain from coming into work and practice self-isolation.


Procedural Changes to Expect:


The following procedures are reactive to the fluidity of evolving regulations and are subject to change at any time following public health recommendations:


  • Hand sanitization statements will be available in the facility entrance/exit of our Clubhouse
  • Water stations will not be available on the course at this time
  • No reusable cups with be allowed to refill beverages on the course or in the clubhouse at this time. We are happy to provide disposable coffee cups and to-go containers
  • Water bottles available for purchase as well as free water from the fountain-gun available at the bar in the Clubhouse
  • Tables in our Clubhouse Restaurant will be free from accessories. Sanitization measures will be vigilant on all surfaces in this area
  • There will be no publicly controlled buffets at this time to minimize any potential cross contagion


What we ask from Members & Guests:


Perhaps the most vital part of preventing the virus is for all those planning on still golfing this year to recognize illness and understand that leaving your home with COVID-19 or similar flu like symptoms can greatly jeopardize other individuals, especially those with a compromised immune system. If you’re feeling unwell, simply don’t attend; it’s not worth the 18 holes if it ultimately protects yourself and those in your community. If you’re in our facilities, we ask that you take accountability for your own hygiene by frequent hand washing, sanitization and practicing social distancing. Thank you immensely for adhering to and accepting these modifications under the circumstances we face together.


Playing Golf During the COVID-19 Virus


Recommendations from GOLF.com suggest:

  • Skip the driving range/practice tee where it’s difficult to keep distance from others
  • Club tap instead of handshakes/high-fives on the course
  • Utilize the extra space in your golf bag by putting your hand sanitizer there


Being in an open, outdoor environment is ideal right now. Thus, golfing can still be a reasonably safe activity if everyone collectively takes steps towards actively preventing the spread of COVID-19.


For further details, please read “Golf and the Coronavirus: how to play with confidence, according to an expert” available at:  https://www.golf.com/news/2020/03/14/playing-golf-coronavirus-expert/.



Please understand that all measures are being taken out of interest for your wellbeing. We value your security, safety and ultimately your trust in us as your golf course and clubhouse operations. Please know that we are fluid in adapting to the ever-evolving novel virus and related regulations. Consequently, our operations and procedures could change at any given time. Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or concerns, we understand that it is a confusing and concerning time for many.


Stay safe & we’ll see you soon for our opening,


The Team at Sunset Ranch Golf & Country Club